1975 2 Door in Selma, AL

Last Updated: 12/22/15

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1975
Odometer: 177k
Body Style: 2 Door
Engine: 6 cylinders
Condition: Good

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Selma
State/Region: Alabama
Asking Price: $3,500
Contact: Williams (330) 809-5316

75 maverick. I drove it from Ohio to Alabama a few weeks ago. Everything is original on the car. Brown in color. A few rust spots. Car runs and drives great. New tires, rotors, shocks, & radiator. I also had the carburetor rebuilt lines and new spark plug wires. .willing to negotiate , but no low balling



1975 Selma AL

Last Updated

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