1977 Spoiler Trunk Rack in Los Angeles, CA

No Longer Available

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Parts Los Angeles CA

Key Part(s) Info

  • Model Year(s): 1977
  • Part Number: Not Listed
  • Brand: Not Listed
  • Other Fits: Not Listed
  • Condition: Great

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Direct
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Contact Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!

More Details & Pictures

Selling this Rare Ford Maverick Spoiler Trunk Rack that is apparently pretty hard to come by assuming cause it was a special limited trim since I don’t see many around but I know because of their value they are said from what I’ve been told to be around the $2,000 marks.

It is in great condition still came on my Signature Edition Maverick i just bought but i have different plans for my rear side’s exterior so I’m interested in selling this beautiful piece that will go towards fixing my build so if interested shoot me an offer 🙂

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