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Site Purpose is dedicated to providing a comprehensive database of both past and present Ford Maverick cars for sale across North America. We do this by generating ads via the following methods.

  1. Cars posted directly to this site by the seller
  2. Ads re-posted from other sources such as Craigslist & eBay

While our direct ads are updated on daily basis we keep the rest of the site populate from other popular classifieds sites on a weekly basis. We do this to give the site a greater breadth and provide a more comprehensive look at the current/past Ford Maverick market.

The obvious benefit of our dual-pronged approach is a more complete look at Ford Maverick cars for sale across the US, Canada and Mexico. Should you have a Ford Maverick you would like yo have featured on our site please use our Ad Submission page.

SOLD Listings & Seller Information

Ford Maverick For SaleSince our goal is to keep a living database of both past and present Ford Maverick cars for sale we do our best to update Mavericks that are no longer available as such. We typically do this by marking them as “SOLD” and removing the seller contact information.

However from time to time during normal updates we do miss marking some so be sure to check the “Last Updated” field to get an idea of how timely a particular post is.

An old post does not mean that a car is no longer for sale but is usually a positive indicator if there is an issue reaching a seller.

In addition, since many of the ads are reposted from other sources such as Craigslist and eBay the contact information provided is the best we have available. (We do include links to original eBay Auctions as well so you can place your bid or buy it now.) While we do welcome leaving a comment under the post or sending us a contact message; this will likely not yield any results when it comes to reaching the seller. It is best to use the information provided to reach the seller directly.

Should you find an outdated ad, invalid contact information or are a seller and would like us to remove your information; please send us a message on our Contact page.


Website Disclaimer:

Please note that is not directly involved in the sale of any vehicle listed on this site. Furthermore this site and its owners are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Ford Motor Company, Craigslist or eBay. Brand names and trademarks are only used here in conjunction with the Fair Use clause of US Copyright Law. For more about the legal implications of our site please check out our Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy for information about how we use your data.